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Marble Surface

With the Flowerpower nail file you can file your fingernails precisely. The flower look not only makes this file an eye-catcher, but also ensures that the file is guided securely with its solid file core. The high-quality file paper can be disinfected without damaging the surface.


  • High quality sand sheet coating with even abrasion
  • Stronger file core
  • Disinfectable
  • Grit 100/120 100/180 180/240

Set of 6 nail files "Flowerpower"


Size: 17.8x 2.8x0.4 cm

Material: surface sandpaper, second layer EVA sponge, middle layer plastic (PP).

Brand: Nailsunshine

100% new, individually packed.

Available in different versions

Package content:

2 files 100/120

2 files 100/180

2 files 180/240

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