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8 steps to your perfect nails


Always carry out each step on all fingers. That saves a lot of time.

Wash hands thoroughly.



Using the nail pusher included in the set, carefully push back the cuticle and remove the invisible skin (eponychium) on the nail plate.


Shorten the natural nail tips flush for a better hold of the modeled nail tip. File the edge of the nail. (Tip only file the natural nail in one and the same direction, this will prevent small cracks in the nail.


With the buffer included in the set, you can carefully mattify your natural nails. Try to buff slightly only in the direction of growth. Otherwise you would roughen the nail surface and damage the natural nail.

Now clean your nails again under lukewarm water and dry them completely.



For a better hold, use the "Alcohol Pad" included in the set, clean your nails with it and let it air-dry. (If you know that you have so-called "problem nails", i.e. thin, damp and / or soft nails, you should use a primer at this point. [Shop Link]


Now look for the right tip for the natural nail. Your nail box is pre-sorted. The tip should completely cover the width of the nail, but must not be wider. If the size you ordered does not fit properly, file the tip slightly narrower with the file included in the set. If several tips are clearly too big or too small, please contact us BEFORE filing them using the contact form. We help you to find the right tip size for your nails. [Contact]


Now glue the tip Luft Frei to the nail with the nail glue included in the set. Please use enough but not too much nail glue. To do this, spread a small drop of nail glue carefully on your natural nail and then also in the lower third on the nail tip (natural nail length). Make sure the nail glue doesn't overflow or get on top of the tip. Before sticking on, check that the tip is sitting straight (with fingers outstretched) on the nail and that the tip is not pointing to the side. Now press the nail tip onto the natural nail for about 15 seconds until the nail glue has dried.


TIP: Do not wipe away excess nail glue with your finger. Prepare a Zelette, a small folded Zewa, a handkerchief or something similar that you drizzle with oil on one corner. As long as the nail glue has not dried, you can carefully wipe it off with the oiled corner. But make sure that all your natural nails are oil-free before you stick the tips on, if necessary, clean each nail individually with the alcohol pad.

If the nail glue has dried in an undesirable place, you can try to remove it with a cotton swab soaked in acetone, nail polish remover or even disinfectant. Make sure that you do not touch the designed nail tip with it. Otherwise, depending on the model and design, it could be damaged.

xoxo JOE

1-2 Tage Tragezeit

Trage den Kleber dünn auf den gesamten Naturnagel auf. Wir empfehlen dir den Nagelkleber immer dabei zu haben, da sich die Nägel schnell und einfach lösen könnten.

Tragezei t

5-8 Tage Tragezeit:

Trage eine großzügige Schicht Nagelkleber auf den gesamten natürlichen Nagel auf und verteile ihn langsam und gründlich. 

7-14 Tage Tragezeit:

Trage zuerst eine dünne Schicht Nagelkleber auf die Rückseite im unteren Drittel des Tips auf. Trage danach eine großzügige Schicht Nagelkleber auf den gesamten natürlichen Nagel auf und verteile diesen gründlich.

Verteile den Nagelkleber nicht zu nahe an der Haut, da sich der Kleber unter Druck verteilt. Presse den Tipp 15 Sekunden gleichmäßig auf.

Bis zu 4 Wochen Tragezeit:

Um die maximale Tragedauer von bis zu vier Wochen zu erreichen, kannst du die XOXO JOE Nägel mit Acrylgel statt mit Nagelkleber den auf deinem Naturnagel befestigen.

In Kürze erhälst du auch bei uns das Acrylgel ( mit Anleitung ) zur Befestigung im XOXO JOE Shop.

Verfügst du bereits über Erfahrung und über ein Acryl- oder anderes Nagelgel, kannst du auch dies zur Befestigung der XOXO JOE Nails verwenden.

Bitte beachte, dass nicht jedes Design für die Anbringung mit Gel geeignet ist.

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