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Do you have a specific idea what your nails should look like? Would you like to determine your shape, color, length or design yourself, or even have a picture of your dream nails? We nail it!

In connection with the purchase of this set, send us your ideas as a message or via the contact form.

For the processing, high-quality materials are used in the usual nail salon quality.

The production of custom-made products can take up to 10 days, depending on requirements (on average, custom-made products are prepared for dispatch 48 hours after receipt of order)

We reserve the right to reject customer requests that we cannot implement.

Just nail it!

Attach the nails easily in a few minutes. Please note the instructions provided and our tips and recommendations for a better durability of your Put on Nails.

Individual natural nails require individual attachment.

Find out here which attachment method is best for you to extend the attachment time. If properly attached, the nails will last 1-3 weeks and can be reused if properly cared for!

Are you unsure which size is the right one for you and the size chart leaves some questions unanswered? Then feel free to contact us using the contact form. We help you to find the right size.

Each nail box set contains:

10 hand-designed nails in your desired design, shape, size and length.

1 nail glue to attach the tips to the natural nail.

1 file to make minimal adjustments to the tip and to adapt it to your natural nail.

1 cuticle pusher to prepare your natural nails.

1 mini buffer to prepare your natural nails.

1 instruction

xoxo joe

Put On Nails According to customer requirements

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€59.90 Regular Price
€41.93Sale Price

The length of the nails depends on the chosen size and affiliation of the fingers.


(S / M / L) LONG ballerina

Lengths: 23.0mm - 31.0mm 

Widths: 7.5mm - 14.0mm

(S / M / L) MEDIUM ballerina

Lengths: 17.8mm - 22.8mm 

Widths: 7.5mm - 14.0mm

(S / M / L) (SHORT)  Ballerina:

Lengths: 17.8mm - 19.9mm

Widths: 7.4mm - 12.2mm 

For custom-made products with individual sizes and / or length specifications, please use the contact form to inquire.

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Don't want to glue your nails with nail glue?

Get the polygel set for attachment:

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