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Marble Surface

Finally beautiful toenails again, with ToeNails from XOXO JOE.


Hey honey


You can now order matching ToeNails for many of our XOXO JOE Nailboxes: Each XOXO JOE ToeNailbox consists of 20 ToeNails in sizes 0-9.

No measuring necessary!

Simply choose the right size for your natural nails from the nail box. Our ultra-thin ToeNails can also be easily filed and cut!


Each ToeNailBox contains:

  • 20 hand-designed toe nails in sizes 0-9
  • 1 XOXO JOE nail glue to attach the tips to the natural nail.
  • 1 XOXO JOE file to make minimal adjustments to the tip and to adapt it to your natural nail.
  • 1 XOXO JOE cuticle pusher to prepare your natural nails.
  • 1 XOXO JOE Mini Buffer to prepare your natural nails.
  • 1 instruction


  Are you ready for summer?


  The XOXO JOE TOENAILBOX can also be worn with strongly curved, rounded natural nails. For hygienic reasons, we recommend using our adhesive pads, which are available separately in the shop.

Pink Marble ToeNails

€25.98 Regular Price
€12.99Sale Price

Die Länge der Nägel hängt von der Gewählten Größe und Zugehörigkeit der Finger ab.


(S/M/L) LONG Ballerina

Längen: 23.0mm - 31.0mm

Breiten: 7.5mm - 14.0mm

(S/M/L) MEDIUM Ballerina

Längen: 17.8mm - 22.8mm 

Breiten: 7.5mm - 14.0mm

(S/M/L) (SHORT) Ballerina:

Längen: 17.8mm - 19.9mm

Breiten: 7.4mm - 12.2mm 

Für Spezialanfertigungen mit Individueller Größen und oder Längenangaben sehr gerne Über das Kontaktformular anfragen.

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Don't want to glue your nails with nail glue?

Get the polygel set for attachment:

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